AngelWorld UK PLC provides UK High Net Worth investors with the unique opportunity to participate via the purchase of a Corporate Bond in a Multi Family Office Advisory’s financial products that have been created in conjunction with and underpinned by major Banks. These products would otherwise not be available unless an investor had a minimum of £20m to invest.

AngelWorld UK has been working and transacting with a Multi Family Office Advisory, Film Production company and Lenders to film receivables. Since 2007, the Multi Family Office has been working with Ultra High Net Worth and Professional Investors and transactions range in size but typically vary from $50m to over $100m and include anything from media and entertainment, commercial and residential property, commodities and structured finance.

In this case, film and media assets just happen to be the asset class that we are able to achieve high fixed income returns. This is not about passionate or vanity investment. This is about hard numbers and the fact that we are able to achieve high returns in this sector in such a way that nobody else has before to date.